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Made in Singapore... Just for you

I recently spent a weekend in Singapore and was pleasantly surprised at the number of bespoke services and products that are available in the city. These days, items such as made-to-measure furniture or men's suiting has become rather commonplace, but in Singapore there are now stores that cater to rather unusual products including bespoke ice-cream, earbuds, perfume and even sausages!

Creamier cafe is one example of these outlets, where the head chef can create and develop a brand-new ice-cream flavour from scratch, such as smoked peppercorn chocolate or white peach chardonnay. Jaben audio store has a service where special quick-drying silicone is injected into your ear canal to create the perfect-fit noise cancelling earbuds that can cost up to US$2,800. And Sifr Aromatics sells small batches of exotic scents and allows customers to mix and blend their own one-of-a-kind fragrance in his specialty workshop.

Finally Huber's Butchery provides shoppers premium sausages with their preferred choice of seasoning, with an added option of selecting meats that were fed through special diets.

All of these products sound wonderful don't they? But they also come at a price. Because so much effort and trial-and-error usually goes into making these products, more often you will find them to be at least 3-5 times more expensive than your 'off-the rack' options. But for the discerning customer who appreciates exclusivity and individuality, the hefty price-tag is something they are willing to overlook.

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